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Welcome to JWCE

JWCE is dedicated to assisting organizations of all types and sizes with using the Internet to enhance their business. From evaluating the technology within an organization to creating and increasing an Internet presence, JWCE will design a strategic plan encompassing the latest marketing, operating and presentation processes to give you an advantage in this ever-changing environment.

JWCE offers a wide variety of services from an Online Mall where we can help you to sell your products, to a marketing system allowing you to not only promote your products and services, but to also track the campaigns and the many facets of a well-designed Internet Marketing effort. Use our survey capabilities to quickly and cost-effectively conduct research, create online scorecards and perform solid CRM. We also offer solutions and consulting to design and implement systems within your organization.

JWCE also offers an array of design, publishing, financial and business development services to help your company succeed off the Internet. Create strategies to leverage your current capabilities. Combine them with the possibilities of the Internet and create a long-term strategic plan for your entire business. ERP is not just about technology. It's about success! Email us for more information about JWCE and what we can do for you.

Combining all of JWCE opportunities, services and capabilities brings you a full-feature set of solutions to your business. Contact us and let us help you to succeed even more.

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