Cynthia Ryle Cohen

MLS Candidate 2008 - Southern Connecticut State University, 501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515


Welcome to the capstone portfolio of Cynthia Lynn Ryle Cohen, covering the years 2006-2008. Contained in these pages is an overview of the courses I have taken and the competencies I have gained during the course of study for my Masters of Library and Information Science. The links to the right are grouped into three categories: competencies; the Special Project; and courses taken in the MLS program. Please take a moment to explore the classes I have taken, view some of my major course work, and see how the knowledge I have gained has been applied in my career as a librarian.

A special project/capstone portfolio is required by Southern Connecticut State University in lieu of a thesis. The graduate catalog states:

"The special project requires the application or drawing together of knowledge and skills acquired in the graduate program. Projects...result in a written report or other product, such as an audio tape of a performance or photographs of an art exhibit, which will be kept on file for review by students, faculty, and accrediting agencies. The master's degree is conferred after successful completion of a minimum of 36 credits including the special project." [2006-2007 Graduate Catalog, p. 34]

About me:

I began working as a Reference Librarian at the Old Lyme - Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library in May of 2006, shortly after the end of my first semester in the program. I was very fortunate to have both a supervisor and a Director who understood the importance of applying the theories I was learning to practical applications in the library. I was able to do the vast majority of research for ILS 504 Reference and Information Resources/Services in the Old Lyme library, fulfilling my course requirements and become adept with our reference collection. Over time, I was able to do the same with courses such as ILS 506 Information Analysis & Organization, ILS 537 Information Seeking Behavior and ILS 530 Information Systems Analysis and Desgin as well.

Below is a short video of myself, made as part of an assignment for ILS 655 Digital Libraries: